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Criterial / Home Hair Removal Unit Silk'n Flash & Go Rio x 20 or Rio x60 Silk'n PRO IPL Tria Laser
Laser Type Intense Pulse Light Diode Intense Pulse Light Diode
Cost £229.00 Between £169-£299.00 £259.99 £445.00
Treatment Size 1.33cm x 3cm 1cm x 1cm (between 20 and 60 hairs) 2.4cm x 2.4cm (over 180 hairs) 1cm x 1cm
Laser Strength

475 to 1200 nanometres at 5 joules per cm sq

Between 600 to 1100 nanometres 475 to 110 nanometres at 5 joules per cm sq 7 to 20 Jourles per cm and 810 nanometres
No of Shots per Charge Endless - Mains operated Endless - Mains operated Endless - mains operated Up to 300 (new Tria February 2009)
Overlap No Yes No Yes
Can unit be used on the Face? Yes the lower half Yes - with Caution Yes the lower half Yes the lower half
Advantages Excellent value for money. Large treatment area and easy to use. Good Value for money - endless treatment time Large treatment area. Easy to use. Portable and higher Joule power
Disadvantages Bulb needs replacing. However, you do get 1,000 pulses per bulb Longer treatment compared to other units Bulb lasts for 750 and needs replacing at a cost of £45.00 Once the 90,000 shots have been used the item can no longer be used.
Noise Fan Beeping Fan (similar to a hair dryer) Fan and beeping
Total Treatment area covered in a lifetime

Because there is no overlap required, each shot covers 1.33cm x 3cm = 4cm sq

Approx. 40 mins for lower legs

This figure is unknown as there is no information with the Rio 60 about needing to replace a bulb or battery. From this I would assume that it's lifetime is endless!

Because there is no overlap required, each shot covers 2cm x 3cm area = 6cm sq

Approx. 25 mins for lower legs 

Battery Lifetime: 15cm Squared x 250 = 3750cm Squared.[i.e an area just over 61 cm long x 61 cm wide]
Our overall score based on technical specification, testing the products and customer feedback 8 out of 10 7 out of 10

Winner with score of 9 out of 10


6.5 out of 10